Posted by: CLEC | February 22, 2010

The Origin of the Species !!!


Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the widely held notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor  !!!

The CLEC was born after seeing a ECO Challenge Race some ten years ago. This year will see the 10th anniversary of the Carlingford Lough Endurance Challenge. It too has evolved over the years from a four person team event to a three person team event in recent years.
The sport of Adventure Racing is sweeping this country at a phenomenal rate. It is one of the most extreme competitions for a team to challenge, but it is because of these challenges that adventure racing has grown so rapidly in popularity over the last few years. It helps that it is an easy cross-over for any sportsperson looking for the ultimate challenge.

The other extremely important factor about Adventure Racing is that it is a team sport. This year, there will be an option of  a 2 or 3 person team. This is an essential element to the competition – the way the team works together.

Adventure Racing is one of the few sports where just completing a race is often considered a victory. The challenges that arise during any one race will test a competitors mental and physical endurance. With the recent popularity in the individual events, like the Achill Roar, Causeway Adv. Racing, Gael Force West and Wicklow Adv. Racing,  staying on tarmac surfaces has opened up these races to a much greater public. No longer the domain of the very experienced athlete, these very do-able races have conquered the imagination of the one day warrior. With this in mind, in this its 10th year, the CLEC will have two options on offer, both mountain bike and road bike options.

There will be two separate races, the Mt. Bike CLEC and the sports or ‘ Tarmac CLEC ‘ which will be an individual event and shorter, using a road bike, but covering some of the same run and kayaking sections as the Mt.Bike CLEC.

There will be a limit of 150 participants per race. A max. of 150 competitors of pairs or three person teams in the Mt.Bike CLEC and 150 individuals in the Tarmac CLEC.

Columbia CLEC 48k

  • 9.5k Trail Run
  • 17k Mt. Bike (12k road)
  • 3k Slievenaglogh Run
  • 4k Mt. Bike (1k road)
  • 2k Fox’s Rock Run
  • 9k Mt. Bike
  • 2k Sea-Kayak
  • 2k Castle Run
  • Columbia ‘Tarmac’ CLEC – 36k

      4k Trail Run
      12k Road Bike
      2k Fox’s Rock Run
      15k Road Bike
      1k Sea-Kayak
      2k Castle Run

    Registration is now open, download entry form to enter, or register online (see above).
    More details; maps; elevation; stats to follow in the coming weeks.

    Avec Spirit

    Happy Trails


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