Posted by: CLEC | April 8, 2010

GPS Route Sports ‘Tarmac’ CLEC

Follow the link  HERE for the GPS route of this years Sports ‘ Tarmac’ CLEC. Weather was dry and sunny, dampish under foot.  Approximate time to complete between 2 and half to 4 hours.

On trial today were Columbia’s new Mobex back-pack and the Ravenous Trail runners, both of which performed extremely well.

The new lightweight Ravenous trail running shoe – which comes in men’s and women’s styles – allows for excellent hybrid performances on paved roads as well as tracks and offers excellent downhill breaking and uphill grip.

Meanwhile the Mobex ideal for adventure racing and other ‘fast and light’ pursuits. This unique backpack series with a tent-like exoskeleton, made from small crisscrossing nylon poles, props the pack open for quick access to gear and ‘treats’ stashed inside.



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