2014 Entry List

2014 to be updated ASAP

CLEC ‘Tarmac’ Sports (road bike)

Grace Gannon
Charlie  Donnelly
Richard Feighery
Carmen Mueller
Donal Houlihan
Richard Fitzgerald
Vincent Loughran
Mairead Holden
Emma Kerr
Judith Malcolm

Incomplete Entry:-
Stephen Gray, Niall McCarron, Mairead Holden, Adrian Farrell


CLEC (Three Person Team) (mountain bike-off/road)

Brian Phelan, X, X
Ronan  Halpin, Susan Seager, Brian Bell
Stephen Brennan, Paul Daly, Jason Waters


CLEC (TWO Person Team) (mountain bike-off/road)

Brendan Borland, Felim Boland
Robbie  Moore, Marty Calvin



CLEC ‘Tarmac’ Sports (road bike)

Hilary Jenkinson, Chris Bligh, Anneka Lawson, Brian Collier, Sean Dillon, Vincent Loughran, Mairead Holden, Declan Hughes, Lynda Talbot, Oisin Weldon, Stephen Gray, Joe Finnegan, Ian McGovern, Alan Fitzpatrick, Neal McLoughlin, Paul Watters, Tim Robinson, Don Kilmartin, Deborah Meghen, Andy Patterson, Stephen Brennan, Joyce Fairbanks, Fergus Walsh, Richie Lynagh, Edel Sheerin, Fiona Sheerin, James O’Rourke, Bernie McNally, John Savage

CLEC (TWO Person Team) (mountain bike-off/road)

1. Jared Rund
2. Robbie Moore
3. Lisa McMahon

CLEC (Three Person Team) (mountain bike-off/road)

1. Frank McGuinness
2. Brian Phelan
3. Ronan Egan
4. Michelle Ryan
5. Peter O’Farrell
6. Henry McLoughlin
7. Richard Kealy
8. Martina Nolan
9. Rachel Cinnsealach
10. Paul Mahon
11. Creg Byrne
12. John Loane




CLEC ‘Tarmac’ Sports (road bike)

CLEC (Three Person Team) (mountain bike-off/road)

CLEC (TWO Person Team) (mountain bike-off/road)




  1. Can you use a mountain bike on the Tarmac event?

    • Yes no problem, off/road tyres on the road will be a wee bit slower. Make sure you have high pressure in them ie. 60psi

  2. Is there no 2 man team entry available this year? Run Ireland only have the tarmac and 3 man team option available and I notice that there is no 2 man teams that have entered yet, cheers!

    • Ya, if you can’t find a 3rd member, two person team permitted

  3. Anybody need a 3rd person for the clec ? I have compeated 4 times before but usual team mates unavailable this year. Fairly fit at moment and I live local to the area , Ray

    • Ray, I’m in the same boat. My mate has let me down. I’ll be traveling down from belfast on the day. fancy making a team ?

  4. I am having problems on the CLEC 2 Man team entry form. Could somebody have a look at this for me. It seems to be a problem on the run Ireland side as the layout and information requested is different from the three man entry and I cannot progress.

    • I will forward your concerns on to RunIreland and get back to you ASAP

  5. Will the tarmac clec have a choice of the 9km or 4km run at the start this year?

    • Hi Fiona, No, this year its the same run for all 5/6k approx. So all together


  6. FYI. I had problems trying to register with Run Ireland when I followed the link from the CLEC site. It seemed to work ok when I went directly to the Run Ireland site and registered.

  7. I’d like to do this, but my team mate can;t make it now. Anyone fancy joining forces ?

    Or be willing to take on a 3rd team member ?

  8. Well Jim , yea im still looking for a team , we can join together if still interested, can try and get another to make 3 , but I’m sure johny will have no problem with 2′ my no is +353 87 6198614

  9. looking to join up with anyone in making a two man team or any pair who need someone to make a three man team

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