Posted by: CLEC | December 28, 2013

14th CLEC – 5th July 2014

The 14th Carlingford Lough Endurance Challenge aka ‘CLEC’ is Ireland’s longest running multi-sport event. The 14th CLEC will take place on Saturday, 5th July, 2014

The event is open to two or three person teams, male, female and mixed. Competitors must leave each transition as a complete team. Final time taken on last member to cross the finish line. The two person team category. This is for those who would like to try this type of challenge but unable to secure  a full team of three. Also, is the Sports or ‘ Tarmac ‘ CLEC . This challenge will be an individual event and shorter in distance, using a road bike instead of a mountain bike, used in the team event. The Mt. Bike CLEC traverses the local Cooley Mountains and navigates Carlingford Lough in Co. Louth. Competitors mountain bike 31km (three stages of 18km, 5 km and 8km), run 14km (including two peak runs) and kayak 2km.

Top competitors take four and half hours to cover the 51kms, while the final finishers are expected in 6.30 hours. The Sports ‘ Tarmac ‘ CLEC should take participants between two and a half, and four hours to complete. Depending on levels of fitness and experience. It is the perfect introduction to adventure racing of this kind.


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